We are located in the beautiful great Northwestern state of Washington. My husband Bill, designs the subject design, then proceeds to engrave-etch the design onto the glass. Each piece then is placed in a handcrafted Oak base. The lighting consists of LED Lights which is installed in the Oak base. Our son Gerry, who designs and handcrafts woodworking projects, designs and constructs the Oak wooden bases. Please stop by and visit our Aquaworld Shopping Mall (the Mermaids are friendly), besides the store Merchants there is a great deal of information arranged in different categories. We are no way affiliated with Cancun, Mexico. After many years of using free electronic postcards from other sites, we decided to implement our own postcards and hope to add more as time goes on. The Postcards are for your own enjoyment with no strings attached, there are no flashing banners, pop-up windows or advertisements on either site (Aquaworld), except for our own banners. All information stays here, never sold,  used for commercial purposes or for any other purpose. Feel free to visit us often and thank you for stopping by!

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